Are you facing a daunting list of things to do to prepare the estate property for sale?


I first do a visual inspection of the estate home to see if there are any immediate issues or concerns that need to be taken care of that could affect the safety and well-being of the home. I check for obvious plumbing and gas leaks, and make sure there are operational smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed.

I coordinate with a professional locksmith to have all the locks on the home changed if the estate representative feels it is necessary. I also make sure all sliding doors and windows are properly secured and recommend whether I think additional security measures should be taken. Should it be determined an alarm for the home is needed, I will coordinate installation.

I recommend repairs and improvements I think should be made to the property prior to listing it for sale so that it receives the highest possible price. I obtain estimates and will make arrangements for the recommended repairs and improvements if the client is in agreement.

A lot of estate homes are left with the personal property and belongings of the decedent. If it is determined there is value in the personal property and the estate representative wishes to have the personal property sold, I will arrange for and coordinate a professional estate sale with a local estate sale company.

Alternatively, an estate home can be filled with a lot of junk or items with little to no value. I will arrange to have appropriate items donated to local charities willing to receive them and/or will arrange to have the unwanted items hauled away and disposed of.

It is highly likely the estate home will be in need of a deep cleaning, walls might need a fresh coat of paint, carpets might need cleaning or replacing, hardwood floors may need refinishing, and neglected landscaping might require some attention. I have a range of capable service providers for this work and will obtain estimates and make arrangements to see this work gets done and quickly!

The probate or trust administration process may take some time and it may be a while before the estate home can be sold. If the property is vacant and ongoing property maintenance is needed such as landscaping, pest control, etc., I will make arrangements and oversee such necessary maintenance. I will also manage the utilities for the property if the client so desires.

Upon my initial inspection of the property, I also determine whether I think professional inspections are necessary. It is usually a good idea for the home to have a pest inspection, general home inspection, septic tank and well inspection (if on private well and septic), and possibly a roof inspection prior to listing it for sale to determine whether any unforeseen issues should be taken take care ahead of time that would affect the sale or the price. I discuss my recommendations with the estate representative and schedule and attend all agreed-to inspections.

Because it is important to stay in compliance with the strict probate timeline, I coordinate with the estate’s attorney to timely provide all information and documentation needed regarding the sale of the estate home, including providing the necessary information to complete the required Notice of Proposed Action once an offer is received in a probate sale. I will also coordinate with any mortgage lenders should the client wish.

It is important that everyone stay informed of developments regarding the preparation and sale of the estate home. So that the estate representative and attorney don’t have to call and ask (although they are welcome to!), and so that all involved aren’t bombarded with daily emails of every little detail, I provide weekly email reports to both the estate representative and the attorney updating them on what transpired during that week.

I can provide you with a current valuation of the estate’s real property or provide your accountant or attorney with an opinion of value letter.

*There is no additional fee for my services listed above with the listing of the property.
The estate pays the agreed upon third party vendor services for preparing the property for sale.